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About Us

Rogate Sneha Bhavan at Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, is the first Mission Station of the Rogationist Indian Delegation. The comunity was established in 2010, upon the invitation of the Nalgonda Diocese, to rescue and rehabilitate street, dropout and working children, who are out of their home for various reasons. These children are encouraged to choose from possibilities of rehabilitation, regular education, training in various trades and other life-coping skills which would inculcate in them self esteem and self confidence in order to be self reliant

  • Our Vision
    To enable the individuals to take responsibility for the future into their own hands and to live independently
  • Our Mission
    To provide relief to children at risk

    Different Activities of Rogate Sneha Bhavan
    1. Through visiting the railways stations, bus stand and town
    2. Through visiting the villages
    3. Children who are recommended by the different Social Organizations
    4. Children who are brought by our Volunteers
    5. Children who come by themselves
  • Children are provided food, Hostel and their other basic needs are met. Medical care, non-formal education and recreational facilities too are available. Rogate Sneha Bhavan prepares the street child either to go back home or to choose one of the rehabilitation programmes available a our center.The institution prepares the children below 13 years: to join in classes that suit their age or skills training depending on their age and aptitude. Reorientation camp for the street children below 14 years: in the camp the children are involved in various creative activities which help then to move away fro the street life to more settled and disciplined one. Reorientation camp for the street children over 15 years: apart from preparing the boys to be reintegrated with their family, short term skills training courses are offered to equip the children to start an activity either in small group or alone. The Institute also initiates 'Education programs 'for the youth to help in the rehabilitation of both street and working children.


  1. Street children  
  2. Working children
  3. School dropouts
  4. The abandoned
  5. The orphans
  6. The poor
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Rogate Snehabhavan Persons in Charge

Fr. Shau Koonathan RCJ

Superior & Director of Vocational Training Center, +91-8606756558

Fr.James Plathottathil RCJ

Vice Superior/ Treasurer/ Prefect - Postulants, +91-9746865516

Fr.Sibin Poovely RCJ

prefect- Fr.Hannibal's children, +91-9656516535

Fr.Joby Kavungal

Associate Director- CHAI, +91-8547041790

Fr. Vibin Edassery RCJ

Parish Ministry (preparation), +91-8143270683

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Rogate Snehabhvan

(Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus)
S.L.B.C. Post – 508 004
Nalgonda,  A.P., INDIA

Mob. 0091- 9640868026, 9030924602


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